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News : 5/1/09

Posted by The Architect

It's Alive, welcome to TDX the Emporium of the UCLAworld class. 09!

Be sure to check the site daily for new updates.

Remeber TDX is proud to be your friend.

Upcoming Events and Dates

post date title description
05.1.2009 Virgin Islands 2009 Meet at the House
05.1.2009 Palms Springs 2009 Des.
05.1.2009 Event Here Des.
05.1.2009 Event Here Des.

What We're Looking For

Posted by The Architect

Volunteer People!

Volunteer Info
Web Administrator: ? <HTML,XHTML,PHP and Etc>
Network Specialist: ? <Windows Server, Apache and Etc>
Designer: ? <Photoshop, Artist, and Etc>

Volunteer Descriptions List

  1. Web Administrator: Handle web traffic? Forum? News? Events?
  2. Network Specialist: Handles the hardware issue of maintain the website?
  3. Designer: New designs and ideals for future TDX projects?
  • Any advice is acceptable!
  • No worries!